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About Us

The Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association (PSSCA) is one of the eleven sister cities in Portland, Oregon in the USA.  It is overseen by the Office of Government Affairs under the Mayor of the City of Portland.


The PSSCA is dedicated to promoting the mutual friendship and understanding between the people of Portland, USA and Suzhou, China.  To achieve its mission, the PSSCA promotes ongoing exchanges of cultural, educational and business of the two Cities.  Read more about the our mission.


The Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association was founded on June, 1988 and has a very strong friendship and a long and rich history of ongoing co-operations between the citizens, organizations and governments of both Cities for more than a quarter of the century.  Please read about our history.


The organization consists of a Board of Directors with up to 30 members and is directed by an Executive Board consisting of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, a secretary and a past-president.  The Board’s operation is governed by a set of By-laws.  Please see the current list of Board of Directors.


The Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association is a self-supporting non-profit U.S. 501 (c) 3 corporation.  It sustains its operation through various fund-raising activities including the annual fundraising Evening Under the Stars Gala, individual and corporate memberships and sponsorships, and other activities.


We look forward to your support in carrying out our mission and our activities to promote the Portland and Suzhou relations.  For more information on how you can become a supporter, please contact our Secretary.